Financial Counselling

Ngarrkalem Baarmard Financial Counsellor And Commonwealth Financial Counsellor

What is Financial Counselling?

 Financial Counselling is a free service

  • Financial Counselling is confidential, independent and non-judgemental
  • Financial Counselling will assist with all aspects of your finances
  • Financial Counselling is ongoing counselling with a specially trained Financial Counsellor
  • The Financial Counsellor will help you with short term crisis management and long term strategies

What can the Financial Counsellors help with? 

The Counsellors are funded to help individuals, families and the communities in Halls Creek with:

  • Can assist you with budgeting and money management
  • Can negotiate with creditors on your behalf, assist with legal action and provide advocacy
  • Will provide you with information and if needed, referrals to other relevant services
  • Financial Counsellors don’t tell you what to do and they won’t do it all for you
  • They will help you look at the options, support you and help you to understand what will happen when you have made your decision

If you can’t see the Financial Counsellor as soon as you’d like:

  • Ring your creditors and tell them you have an appointment with a Financial Counsellor. Let them know when your appointment is. Tell them that your Financial Counsellor will contact them after the appointment.
  • Make what payments you can afford to until you see the Financial Counsellor. If you are behind on your rent make what payments you can.  It may be more difficult to get a house again if you have to move out.
  • Get all of the papers together that the Financial Counsellor asked you to bring in.
  • If you need to talk to someone immediately, or you have not been able to get an appointment with a face to face Counsellor, you can ring the Financial Counselling Hotline and talk to one of the trained Counsellors over the phone by calling 1800007 007. The helpline cannot assist with ongoing help but can provide short term options.

You can see our Financial Counsellors in Halls Creek and in Warmun, Balgo, Mulan, Yiyili, Ringers Soak and Billiluna  with the Financial Wellbeing Capability Team.

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