Financial Capability

Assist individuals and families of Halls Creek Shire and surrounding communities to:

  • Ensure clients have access to basic financial literacy education and support
  • Deliver one-on-one budgeting support to individuals
  • Help clients to build skills to avoid or resolve financial difficulties and strengthen their capacity to manage their money
  • Assist families at risk of homelessness to manage their finances and household expenses in order to prevent future accommodation crisis

Provide the following workshops:

  • Making your money last until payday
  • Planning for the future
  • Understand how banks can help you
  • Understand different types of loans and how interest rates work
  • Learn how credit can be a hazard
  • Learn about Money Loan sharks and traps
  • Learn about Home Ownership and Tenancy
  • Learn how to manage your paperwork and understand why you need to keep it
  • Learn how to gather your documents for 100 points of Identification

Working together